Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM is designed to prepare students to utilize science, math, engineering, and technology to solve real-life problems to advance national development and contribute to world progress.

Students who choose this path are exposed to skills in analyzing data, conducting research, combining academics with technology, and innovation. STEM courses are based on learner-centered curricula in which students learn global skills, competencies, and knowledge, including work and life values prerequisites to successful career paths.


Courses to Take After Senior High School

SHS graduates of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics strand can enroll in the following undergraduate courses:

BS Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science

BS Nursing

BS Pharmacy

BS Architecture

BS Environmental Planning

BS Computer Science

BS Computer Engineering

BS Civil Engineering

BS Electrical Engineering

BS Electronics Engineering

BS Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

BS Mechanical Engineering

Dental Hygiene NC IV

Dental Laboratory Technology NC IV

Doctor of Dental Medicine