The story of NU-Nazareth School is filled with courage and passion for education that imbues the youth with deep faith and genuine love for God the Father and the true spirit of nationalism. Her humble beginning visualized the building of an authentic Christian community with compassion for the poor and where God is Father, and everyone is a brother or a sister to each other.

The Hijas de Jesus sisters first came to the Philippines on June 18, 1932. They acquired a permit from the government to open Nazareth School starting with three elementary grade levels, adding one level each year until it was able to graduate its first batch of high school students in 1956.

In 2008, the SM Group of Companies acquired majority ownership of the National University which offers tertiary education. In 2013, the SM Group of Companies acquired ownership of Nazareth School. On March 23, 2013, NU Basic Education merged with Nazareth School and is now known as Nazareth School of National University or NU-Nazareth School.

With the merging, NU-Nazareth School is committed to keeping the Catholic educational identity of Nazareth School. NU started to upgrade the physical facilities and administration of the school. At the same time, the Hijas de Jesus sisters continued the pastoral ministry and Catholic formation of students and the educative community. It was a destiny that binds the school to its origins, as the Holy Family of Nazareth Chapel at the NU-Nazareth campus was consecrated on the same day they came to the Philippines – June 18, 2019.

The first years of the merging were blessed with an evident increase in student population and achievements in sports. Then came the piloting year for the implementation of the K-12 Program. In the first year in 2016, NU-Nazareth School started with thirteen sections of Grade 11: four ABM classes, one GAS class, two HUMMS classes, and six STEM classes.

In the second year, the enrollment in Grade 11 more than doubled to twenty-four sections: eight ABM classes, two GAS classes, four HUMMS classes, and 10 STEM classes, while the same number of Grade 11 sections the previous years moved up to Grade 12.

The first batch of Grade 12 students under the K-12 Program of the Department of Education graduated on April 9, 2018.


Permeated with St. Candida’s charism, NU-Nazareth School aims to be a leading Catholic School, centered in Jesus Christ and in the development of the whole person as foundations of life.


NU-Nazareth School commits to provide a quality Catholic education for the holistic development of persons for them to become socially responsible, God fearing, scientifically and academically excellent individuals ready to respond to the needs and demands of the global communities.


Simplicity and Humility
Being true to what makes us live with joy. Ready to be grateful for the gifts they received and willing to admit mistakes without blaming others.

Solidarity with the Poor
Treating everyone as equal, denouncing attitudes of superiority, elitism, social discrimination, and marginalization.

Care for the Environment
Acting as stewards or caretakers of God’s creation, using these things  responsibly and wisely.

Being honest, directing choice, thought, feelings, and emotions to bring growth as a person and in relation with others.

Sense of the Common Good
Agreeing on basic rules based on Gospel values, and which everybody must live out and abide by to have order, harmony, and peace.

Introducing something new such as ideas, methods and devices.

Be a Nazalian

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