Bachelor of Arts in Communication

AB Comm is a four-year trimestral undergraduate degree program that covers the various ways by which humans communicate particularly verbal and non-verbal messages used to create meanings in diverse media platforms. The program aims to equips you with the knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of communication applicable in various professions and contexts, with focus on the media professions, particularly that of sports.
NU Laguna’s AB Comm program includes general communications courses prepare you for a variety of jobs or further study in communications classes while the sports communication specialization can set you up for interesting careers with professional sports organizations. These courses focus on the methods and techniques for communicating about sports in a variety of formats, media, and contexts such as Sports Broadcasting, Sportscasting, Broadcast Sports, Sports Psychology, Community Sports Development, and Outdoor & Adventure Education.
Further, all students are given the opportunity to train in football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, including the opportunity to use INSPIRE Sports Academy’s high-performance gym.
AB Comm graduates may find themselves in the following job roles:

  • Sports reporter and writer
  • Photojournalist
  • Sportscaster, radio and television announcer
  • Producer, director
  • Recreational sports promoter
  • Public relations specialists