Bachelor of Science in Criminology

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology is a four-year degree that focuses on the application of scientific principles and techniques to the legal process in support of criminal investigation and proper administration of justice. It is the quest for truth aided by scientific techniques.

Adopting the core values of its mother institution, National University, one of the core values of NU Laguna (NU Foundation, Inc.) is patriotism. Its vision specifically states its commitment to nation-building. Corollary to this, its mission distinctly declares Dynamic Filipinism, which NU defines as “a commitment to all that is best in the Filipino, with the time-honored values and deep spirituality stamped upon our education for Philippine citizenship that is compatible with global progress, kinship, and universal culture guided by intense nationalism, enduring democracy, and evolving internationalism.” The timeliness of offering the BS Criminology program is the institution’s response to the rapidly changing field of Criminal Justice that will benefit not only the province of Laguna but the entire country as well.

Considering that the NU Laguna (NU Foundation, Inc.) campus is a sports-focused campus, which houses the INSPIRE Sports Academy, having a BS Criminology degree as part of its degree program offerings will enhance the offering of the said program which will be infused with combative sports training.


Length and Nature of the Program




Required for course completion: General education subjects, field trips to PNP, Philippine National Police BJMP, Bureau of Jail Management Penology, BFP, Bureau of Fire facilities. On The Job Trainings (4th year) will be conducted on site the Tri- bureaus.

Graduates Expected Career Paths:

  • Police, Fire, Jail Officer
  • Bank fraud investigator
  • Customs officer
  • Cruise ship security officer
  • Academe as Lecturer
  • Academe as Dean
  • AFP officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Private Detective
  • Navy Officer
  • Lie Detector Examiner
  • Central Bank Security
  • Firearms Instructor
  • PNPA Instructor/Professor
  • Endless opportunities awaits a Criminology graduate