Bachelor of Arts in Political Science



The American Political Science Association defines political science as the study of governments, public policies, and political behavior, using both humanistic and scientific perspectives and skills to examine all countries and regions of the world. From this definition, it is important to emphasize that the discipline deals with a rather broad spectrum of concerns, from understanding the link between the individual (micro) and the institutional (macro) and the national to the global structures of policymaking and politics. (CHED CMO 31 s. 2011)

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a three-year degree program proposed to provide students with a wide variety of courses that will introduce students to the political structure of the Philippines, the neighboring countries, and the world. The curriculum is designed to develop skills in critical thinking, research techniques, and proper understanding, interpretation, and application of political policies that can raise the social responsibility of the youth.

The degree provides rich preparation by exposing them to a wide variety of experiences related to fundamental theories and concepts associated with politics, as well as current issues and trends in solving social problems based on existing policies and application of it in real-life situations.


A graduate degree in Political Science can open the door to a much wider range of career opportunities aside from the fact that a bachelor’s degree in political science is sometimes seen as a stepping stone toward a graduate degree. The following are some possible career opportunities for a Political Science student graduate:

Entry-level jobs

Jobs requiring no prior to the minimal level of experience:

  • Personnel in Government Offices, Courts, Law Firms, and Consular Offices– accomplishing office duties, maintaining the schedule, handling and writing documents, and other clerical duties.
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistants – their main job is to assist licensed lawyers in their legal works by maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting legal documents.
  • Public Opinion Researcher – the main duty of a public opinion researcher is to determine the preferences and needs of the people. This job involves tasks such as conducting and analyzing interviews, surveys, and polls for their study.

Jobs for experienced employees

Require training and prior job experience of a few years:

  • Survey Analyst – this job entails gathering and organizing information regarding problems and procedures, analyzing the data gathered, and developing solutions based on the analysis
  • Foreign Service Officer – this entails representing the country around the world, working in embassies, as well as working on certain diplomatic missions.
  • Congressional Office/Committee Staff – this involves tasks such as managing the daily operations of the office, writing speeches, and communicating with constituents and the media.
  • Campaign Operator – campaign operators are the ones who are responsible for scheduling and organizing campaign sorts of candidates, as well as preparing campaign materials.
  • Historian – the main duty of a historian is to study, document, and write about important past events.
  • Corporate Adviser for Governmental Relations – this job entails representing the company to the government, as well as providing legal advice to the management.

High-end Positions

  • Lecturer/Professor – this job involves teaching about the important areas in the field of Political Science in a university.
  • Political Consultant – this job involves advising on political matters based on research, and analyzing the likelihood of different political scenarios.
  • Legislative Analyst – this job involves duties such as identifying, researching, and analyzing legislative issues or potential legislative issues.
  • Public Policy Analyst – this entails policy management, analyzing and evaluating data, as well as planning courses of action to enable decision-makers to make informed choices.
  • Political Commentator – this job involves raising awareness to the public and voicing out their analyses on important political and social issues through different forms of media.
  • State Legislator – this job involves voting on bills that represent the interests of their constituents, creating new laws, and updating or modifying old ones.