Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering program is de-signed to prepare the students in becoming a leader in the field of Water and Wastewater Engineering. The EnSE curriculum consists of a total of 191 units (lecture and laboratory), which can be completed in four (4) years by a full-time student on a trimestral basis. The first four (4) terms focus on building the foundation of engineering mathematics and sciences. Professional courses start by 5th term, which focus on training the students with the general skills and expertise needed of an EnSE gradu-ate such us environmental and sanitary chemistry, microbiology and parasitology, plumbing, health engineering, water and wastewater engineering, and laws and ethics, to name a few.
The curriculum also gives much importance in preparing the students in their research and design culmination by equipping them with statistical knowledge, and skills and tools in data analysis. Design thinking process is also given importance in the Technopreneurship class. These are taken prior their research methods and capstone design project courses.

The curriculum requires the students to undergo relevant on-the-job training to give them sufficient opportunity to relate all the knowledge and skills that they acquired from the classroom and apply it to the real world.

General education courses are also embedded in the curriculum to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students in communications, literature and arts, ethics, and contemporary issues.

Career Opportunities:

Water Project Management. There are a number of specific areas that you can pursue in water management that fall under this umbrella depending on your interests. A background in civil engineering is also helpful for these roles, as many deals closely with the design, construction and maintenance of the systems and buildings that allow cities to function properly.

Job Titles: Storm water manager, wastewater project manager and flood risk manager

Environmental Engineering. Generally this includes tasks such as leading projects, overseeing and mentoring subordinates, working closely with management and ensuring that budgets and deadlines are met

Job Titles: Environmental engineer

Environmental Health and Safety Management. Responsible for working behind the scenes to ensure that companies remain in compliance with regulations that protect the environment and promote new solutions that will encourage sustainable practices and design.

Job Titles: Health and Safety Officer, BOSH Officer

Environmental Engineering Consultancy. Management, scientific and technical consulting services is the industry that is expected to experience the most growth which provides opportunities for environmental engineers who want to use their expertise to improve the practices and design of other companies and organizations to decrease their environmental impact.

Green Building Engineering. While engineers help to create a number of diverse construction projects, there is an increased demand for buildings that are sustainable and leave less of an environmental footprint. As the impact of standard construction practices becomes more apparent, green buildings are a response that allows companies to continue to create structures while minimizing harm.

Job Titles: Sustainability Engineer/Officer