Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a 4-year degree
program that provides a broad spectrum of scientific training composed of general educationcourses, core courses, and professional courses which are blend of pharmaceutical chemistry, and pharmaceutics, and life sciences. This will help provide the country with pharmacists who are scientifically competent to deliver the full spectrum of pharmaceutical services required in health care delivery.

The program includes experiential pharmacy practice or internships in the last year, where students will be assigned to various CHED-accredited and affiliated establishments, supervised by preceptors covering a period of 1200 hours distributed as follows: 300 hours in community pharmacy; 120 hours in institutional pharmacy; 300 hours in hospital pharmacy; 180 hours in public health and regulatory pharmacy; and 300 hours in industrial pharmacy.

Graduates Expected Career Path

Community Pharmacy

  • Drugstore Owner
  • Supervising pharmacists
  • Branch pharmacist Supervisor /Manager
  • Staff pharmacists

Wholesale Pharmacy

  • Wholesale Drugstore
  • Owner/Staff pharmacists
  • Supervising pharmacist

Hospital Pharmacy

  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Clinical pharmacist Supervisor
  • Director of pharmacy
  • Chief pharmacist
  • Staff pharmacist
  • Oncology pharmacist/compounding pharmacist, etc.

Industrial Pharmacy

  • Government Service
  • Department of Health (DOH) – Pharmacist/ Researcher
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Regulatory Officer/ Inspection Officer
  • Dangerous Drug Board (DDB) – Inspector/ Pharmacist/ Drug Analyst
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) – Drug Analyst
  • Government Hospital – Pharmacist, Chief Pharmacist
  • Veterans and Army Hospital – Army Pharmacist
  • Government-funded research institutions like NSDB, NRCP, DOST – Researcher

Academic Pharmacy

  • Laboratory instructor