Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

BSHM Course Description

Students are expected to learn all aspects of hotel and restaurant operations with a curriculum designed for utmost understanding of principles and theories involved in hotel and restaurant management. With the learner as the hub of our being, the learning objectives and activities are so designed to meet the overall learning outcomes for each course. Students are provided the opportunity to learn through the practical application of theories involved in food and beverage and in rooms division operations, making sure that the learners develop their knowledge and skills all by themselves at their own pace with the guidance of the mentors.

Assessments are made quarterly per term and the final evaluation is done upon the completion of the course.

The program also provides students with innovative instruction. Lectures in the classrooms are presented with appropriate visual aids. Hands-on tasks are geared towards practical work in basic kitchen, bakery and cold kitchen, commercial kitchen, front office and travel lounge, function room, bar, and laundry and linen area.