Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

BSTM Course Description

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a (4) four-year degree program that provides students a concrete view of the field of tourism. This program leads to expertise in the management of tour-operating agencies, as well as other jobs in the travel, events, and hotel sector. It aims to address the need for professionals who can help in promoting the tourism and hospitality industries in the Philippines. The curriculum is designed to develop skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, research, intellectual curiosity, and operational competencies. The combination of theories learned inside the classroom, industry immersion and on-the-job training will prepare the students to be globally competitive in tourism management operations.

BSTM Academics Offered

Risk Management
Macro & Micro in Tourism and Hospitality
Philippine & Global Culture and Geography
Multicultural Diversity
Quality Service
Professional Development
Legal Aspect
Sustainable Tourism
Tour & Travel Management
Operation Management
Tourism & Hospitality Marketing
Transportation Management
Foreign Language 1&2
Business Tools in Tourism
Strategic Management