NU Summa Cum Laude tops March 2023 LET

“Thinking about the thousands of people taking the exam all over the country, the idea of being in the top seems so surreal”, Ms. Helen Patrice Jasa’s reaction after placing ninth in the March 2023 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LET).
Helen, a 24-year-old Summa Cum Laude graduate of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in National University – Manila, achieved great heights as she ignited the calling of being an educator, to guide the children in building their own dreams.
“I have always thought that teaching others is enjoyable. I want to be able to do something that makes me happy and at the same time help others learn things. And in teaching, learning is continuous, not just about the subjects but also with the people that you interact with,” she said.
Being a daughter of a solo parent and the eldest among four siblings, Helen was able to receive the Child of SM Affiliate discount. Her mother, Jennifer Reyes who works at Ace Hardware – an SM company, led her to the National University.
“I always appreciated my mom’s sacrifices. I did not take things for granted and I wanted to repay her in any way that I can,” Helen expressed after her mother introduced the educational assistance made from the SM Group.
When the examination results came out, she felt discouraged after not being able to access the full pdf results, taking it as a sign that she did not pass the LET. However, when her mother called to share the good news, she could not believe it, she had to reactivate her Facebook account. It did not sink in until she received congratulatory messages from her Facebook friends and read PRC’s LET topnotchers’ post herself. Not only did she surpass the challenge of the LET exam but aced the ninth spot among thousands of takers. Truly, a champion in the eyes of the fortunate.
She also emphasized that her success was a process and that it did not happen overnight. She was not the smartest student in their room, but she really dedicated her time in preparing for the examination. Hence, she is offering her success to her family, friends, and to her college department for the unwavering support.
“I offer my success of course to my family, but at the same time, also to our Elementary Education Department. Although we are few in numbers, we are still consistently producing board exam passers and now a topnotcher. My achievement is also an achievement of the whole college (CEAS),” she said.
Undoubtedly, Helen Patrice is a true-blooded Nationalian who embodies the values of her Alma Mater – National University.