Childhood dream achieved; tops May 2023 DLE

Dreams do come true. Cliché, but this has been proven by a 26-year-old Dentistry graduate, Dr. Ma. Cristina Dimas, after ranking 6th in the May 2023 Dentistry Licensure Examination.
For some people, it takes time before finally deciding what to pursue in college. Oftentimes, shifting from one course to another; but for Dr. Tina Dimas, it was fulfilling a childhood dream.
“When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a dentist. I even got a mouth mirror from my dentist which I used to role play as a little dental doctor — checking the teeth of my mom and other family members,” recalled Dimas.
Like other normal teenagers, Tina encountered struggles and considered shifting courses. She even stopped studying for a year, but with her strong-willed mom, Immaculada Dimas, giving up was never an option. “No anak, it’s your dream and you must continue reaching for it,” said the older Dimas.
This inspired and kept her going as she chose to continue the DMD path. Whatever it takes, with her family as her solid support system, no amount of failure nor challenges will take her down. “I was just a regular student who also failed at my subjects, my cases were also once rejected. But, I stood back up, studied and practiced again, tried again and went on with my life.”
With only three months left to review for the 5-day licensure exam, Tina thought that she was not ready for it but went on regardless. She shared that she even thought she would fail but prayed a lot before, during and after the exam.
“Who would have thought that someone like me who is considered “magna” or magna-nine years sa college could make it to the top?”
With the success that she earned in the DLE, Dr. Dimas considered choosing National University as the best decision she has ever made, “I am very grateful to National University for giving me the best ‘education that works’. If not for NU, I will not be the person I am today.”
Indeed, nothing is impossible with faith, discipline, and determination.
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In Photo (L-R): Mrs. Immaculada Dimas & Ms. Ma. Cristina Dimas, DMD