National U welcomes UK CHINA BRI Delegates

National University Philippines hosted the first International Dental Symposium at the Citadines Bay City Manila in Pasay last October 26.
After the New College of Lanarkshire (NCL), UK chose National U to be one of their partner institutions in 2018, NU has collaborated with them and other partner universities such as Chifeng University, Heze Medical College, and Mongolia National University of Medical Sciences in promoting dental health programs globally.
One of the activities was the International Dental Symposium initiated by the College of Dentistry and organized by the NU Academic Internship and Placement Office (AIPO), and the NU International Student Services Office (ISSO). This conference aims to broaden the students’ knowledge on their profession and expose them to international dental standards and practices.
The event featured international lecturers and industry practitioners from the Philippines, Scotland, Mongolia, and China, who shared invaluable insights in their medical field, discussing topics on Philippine dentistry, and the role of one’s college in dental nursing education.
One of the professional lecturers, NU’s Dr. Annalie Nguyen-De Lemos, shared with pride that National University has already set its footprints in other countries through international partnerships and its contribution to the International Dentistry Manual which she co-authored. “It’s not just me, nor the College of Dentistry. It’s National University.”
Following the symposium was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding among the said universities. This collaboration aims to strengthen international relationships and upscale the quality of dental nursing education worldwide through academic exchange programs and other multilateral activities.