Choose Nursing at National University’s College of Allied Health

Choose Nursing at National University’s College of Allied Health (CAH).

Why? With a 100% passing rate on the Nursing Licensure Examination, the Nursing curriculum is strategically structured and merged with hands-on training to gear up students for the health and wellness profession. As early as freshman year, they already go through board-type exam preparations.

Students in the Nursing program go through an intensive practicum that builds nursing competencies so they come out capable of providing quality and holistic care to individuals in varying age, gender, and health-illness status. After completing the four-year course with Allied Health, you’ll find yourself confident that you can conquer your career.

The Nursing program has been awarded a Level III status by PACUCOA, while also carrying an “Autonomous Status,” the gold standard and the highest award from the Philippine Government.

College of Allied Health never stops going after academic excellence and will always aim to become top transformative leaders.

Choose quality and hands-on education with NU College of Allied Health program offerings, Nursing, Pharmacy and Medical Technology.

Watch this informational video about NU CAH:

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