Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The BSArch program prepares the students for the practice of Architecture which includes the provision of professional services in connection with the site, physical planning and designing, construction, enlargement, conservation, renovation, remodeling, restoration or alteration of a building or a group of buildings and the building environment.

Length and Nature of the Program

No. Of Years to Finish the Course: 5 Years

Lecture: 233 Units

Required for course completion: Passing 64 technical courses, 13 non-technical courses, 6 non-academic courses and an individual thesis. On the third year, the students may start their “On-the-job Training” for them to be able to comply with the more than 3,800 required hours of diversified training, which is one of the prerequisites for taking the Architects’ Licensure Examination (ALE).

Graduates of this course may be any of the following:

  • Architectural designer
  • Housing planner
  • Physical planner
  • Urban designer
  • Community architect
  • Facility planner
  • Construction technologist
  • Construction manager
  • Building administration and maintenance officer
  • Real estate developer
  • Educator
  • Researcher and developer
  • Restoration/Conservation architect