NU Dance Company Celebrates Christmas Mini Concert at NUNS

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The 5th Annual Gift Giving Christmas Mini Concert by the NU Dance Company at NU Nazareth School was nothing short of a triumph, showcasing spectacular performances and embodying the true spirit of giving during the holiday season.
This success owes much to the collaborative efforts of various contributors. Gratitude is extended to NU Nazareth School, National University Philippines, 551st Media, National University Percussion Department, National University Cheer Squadron, NUDC and NU-Underdawgz’ Alumni and Pioneer Members, Family, Friends, Colleagues, Coaches, Staff, Team Captains, Members, and all attendees who witnessed the memorable performances.
The event illuminated the essence of hard work, passion, and unity within the NU Dance Company. With continued support, the company looks forward to spreading joy within the community. Donations remain open for those who wish to contribute to this meaningful cause.
Reference: NU Dance Company FB Page