NU Nazareth School Director – Adelina P. Calub

Ms. Adelina P. Calub or Ma’am Del to the National University community is NU Nazareth School’s School Director.

With a total of 29 years of experience in the academe, she spent those years in education as a teacher, research, learning materials development, and teacher training.

She joined NU-Nazareth School in 2018 as School Director.

Ma’am Del is affiliated with Microsoft Philippines as one of the Microsoft Ambassadors. She has also done significant work with UNESCO and has represented the Philippines as a delegate in the Educator Exchange Program in Paris.

Her passion for education is seen through the way she leads and works in the community. She is determined to make sure that #EducationThatWorks will provide our young Nazalians with a chance to become the future Nation Builders they are destined to be.

Here’s a fun fact about Ma’am Del: She has a SECRET We Sing account where she has already more than 1,000 followers!