NU MOA School of Optometry’s Sports Vision Assessment for National University’s UAAP Student-Athletes

Last September 27, 2023, was marked a special day as NU MOA’s School of Optometry conducts Sports Vision Assessment with our very own, Lady Bulldogs and Lady Bullpups, the Women’s and Girls’ Volleyball Team of National University.
The sports vision test is a specialized form of vision assessment designed to evaluate and enhance an athlete’s visual abilities in order to improve their performance in sports. While traditional eye exams primarily focus on a person’s overall visual acuity and eye health, sports vision testing delves deeper into specific visual skills and how they relate to athletic performance.
Sports vision testing is not only about assessing these skills but also about helping athletes improve them. Vision training and exercises are recommended to enhance our athlete’s performance. Specialized eyewear, such as sports goggles or contact lenses, can also be prescribed to optimize visual abilities and protect the eyes during play.
We are hoping to see more of them in the future as the new season of the UAAP draws near!