NU College of Allied Health holds pinning and white coat ceremony

The Medical Technology Department conducted their first face to face pinning and white coat tradition last Wednesday, July 26 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).
With the theme “Redefining the Role of Nationalian Medical Technologists towards Healthcare Innovations,” CAH Dean Reina Gulmatico hoped that the ceremony will ignite their passion to be part of a healthcare team that is capable of delivering creative, innovative and efficient healthcare to the people.
“This event signifies the commencement of your internship to our hospital partners; thus, I am hoping that you will wear with pride and joy your pin and white coat as you carry the name of our university.”
Guest speaker, Medical Technologist and Criminologist, Col. Filipinas Francisco Papa said that it is important to believe in oneself and know how to use one’s strengths, so the rage and desire won’t defeat the mind.
“The path that you will do is not made of roses, but it is made of thorns; so, you have to pursue it if you want to succeed in your career.”
She also shared some tips to the students as they journey towards the medical and healthcare field. “Be patient, persevere and be in control of your will. Focus, be passionate in your work and what you believe in.”
Meanwhile, Program Chair Mr. Edison Ramos reminded the students to treat their patients like family. He also challenged them to leave a mark in their chosen profession — to always be at their best and help with compassion for these will separate a Nationalian MedTech from others.
The pinning of nameplates and donning of white coats to 307 students was facilitated by the MedTech faculty while the oath was led by Mr. Aloysius Ramos, President of Philippine Society of Medical Technology Students (PhiSMeTS).