Industry Partners



Academe Industry Linkage may seem limiting, however, the processes concerning various forms of collaborations are not.  AILPO addresses all types of partnerships, networks, and placements.  AILPO may either be directly or indirectly responsible and accountable.  Any academic involvement of National University Manila to external entities such as industries, governments, organizations, etc. that have been introduced, contracted, understood and agreed with, comprises the institutional mandate of AILPO, covering mainly these: internationalization, industries, placement.


Industries consist but not limited to the big businesses and their groups such as SM, Aboitiz, Villar, Chevron, Tata, etc. These also include tie-ups with  SMEs or small and medium enterprises, start-up companies and the entrepreneurial sectors.  Governments are public offices like Bureau of Fire Protection or BFP, Armed Forces of the Philippines or AFP, etc.  Organizations include both the local and international networks that involve development in the academic sector including other universities, colleges and schools.  


AILPO’s goal is to establish and maintain relationships with industries, governments, organizations, etc.   It envisions National University Manila at the forefront of strategic development brought about by extensive and dynamic relationships with partners and networks.  It directs colleges, departments and units as they endeavor to expand and enlarge their glocal reach through progressive, academic development.


The government is one institution that provides relevant direction to how university should address curriculum mapping, change and direction.  Also, these government institutions can be a source of information and direction the country is heading to, thus, can influence the way National U can direct and re-direct its educational provision.  Also government leaders may be interested to share their vast experience to the academe that will encourage more students to consider working with the government in the long run.


Networks represent international organizations that the university should be part of such as Times Higher Education, QS Ranking, AUN, etc.  Prior to recognition, establishing linkage with some members can help in the recognition process.  It all begins with a relationship through active membership  and connection.  Those mentioned may refer to internationalization however, there are more.  Activities that happen in the process of promoting and marketing National University locally and internationally , research collaborations, twinning programs, joint degree, business referrals, etc.


In the context of placement, more linkages mean more opportunities, thus, more diverse and better employment and or entrepreneurial chances for the graduates.  Placement activities cover career management and planning that has been initiated earlier in the life of the students.  The goal is to involve the community in creating a placement office that is truly functional and performing.




The Academe Industry Linkages and Placement Office shall facilitate and promote the establishment and maintenance of relevant partnerships and collaborations in the local and global arena. It shall enable students to recognize the path to fulfilling career that can mark their unique contribution to the society.

This office envisions itself as a conduit of appropriate mechanism in achieving a dynamic academe industry relationship that produces graduates with career options, who gain valuable experience, ready with their post-graduation career plans and are professionals in their respective fields.




To develop and maintain strong linkages with the local, national, regional and international partners of National University that will continuously allow to establish an excellent quality of learning, teaching, research and placement services




The National University External Linkages Office shall adhere to achieve the following goals and objectives: 

  1. To promote the National University through its dynamic and extensive academe-industry relationship programs that cover both career development and placement programs. 
  2. To enhance experiential opportunities of students through industry exposure approaches related to their courses. 
  3. To create functional activities participated, supported, and joined in by industry partners, experts and practioners 
  4. To assist and support the respective colleges and departments as they identify relevant directions based on up to date feedbacks from industry partners and other involved 
  5. To bridge the gap between current needs of industries and curricula offered by the university through open dialogues i.e. symposia, exhibits, roundtable discussions etc. 
  6. To identify opportunities for extending relations with various industry partners through commissioned research projects and topic-oriented technical collaborative endeavors 
  7. To maintain relationships with industry partners to further  their commitment as they support the respective colleges internship programs for students in bithe graduate and undergraduate programs as well as faculty and staff immersion and others through consistent feedbacking and updating 
  8. To expand the geographical reach of National University
No. Type of Document Name of the Company Date of Signing File Link
1 MOA Bureau of Fire 5-Sep-19 BFP MOA .pdf
2 MOA Telephilippines, Inc. (Teleperformance) Feb-20 TELEPERFORMANCE NU 20210302_09520735.pdf
3 MOA VXI Global Holdings, B.V. Philippines May-21 VXI NU 2021 MOA .pdf
4 MOA WILSHIRE Financial Network June 25, 2021 WILSHIRE SIGNED MOA NOV 12.pdf
5 MOA IBM Business Services, Inc. November 12, 2021 IBM.pdf
6 MOA Amadeus Marketing Philippines INC 2-Jan-21
7 MOA OMNI Aviation 12-Jul-21
8 MOA EFAM Training and Consultancy Services 25-Mar-22
9 MOA Rajah Travel Corporation 29-Mar-22
10 MOA DOT-REGION 3 11-May-22
11 MOA Acor Solution 4-Nov-21
12 MOA Novotel 28-Apr-22
13 MOA ASI Animation Studios, Inc. 10-Aug-19
14 MOA Inaveit Systems Technologies Inc. 5-Aug-19
15 MOA Safeway Philtech Inc. 22-Jun-19
16 MOA Total Information Management Corp. 9-Jul-19
17 MOA Digital Room (Phils) Inc. 30-Jun-21
18 MOA Great Pilipinas Black Bear Incorporated 30-Jun-21
19 MOA PJ Lhuillier Inc. 8-Jun-21
20 MOA Purplebug Inc. 16-Sep-21
21 MOA Questronix Corporation 22-Apr-21
22 MOA Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. 15-Dec-21
23 MOA AF Payments Inc. 18-Mar-22
24 MOA Cornersteel Systems Corporation 8-Apr-22
25 MOA Olivia Technology Group, Inc. 15-Feb-22
26 MOA The Umonics Method 15-Feb-22
27 MOA Yousource Inc. 26-Jan-22
28 MOA Delos Santos Medical Center 18-Feb-22 DLSMC 2021
29 MOA James L. Gordon Medical 7-Jul-21 JLGMH 2021
30 MOA Acculife Pharmacy 23-Nov-21
31 MOA Allied Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc. 29-Mar-22
32 MOA Compact Pharmaceuticals Corp 23-Jan-20
33 MOA Delos Santos Medical Center 2-Feb-22
34 MOA Eugenio Pharmacy 31-Jul-19
35 MOA Getz Pharma (Phil) Inc. 19-Jun-19
36 MOA Magsaysay Memorial District Hospital 19-Jun-19
37 MOA ManilaMed Center Manila Inc 19-Jun-19
38 MOA Mauban District Hospital 30-Jan-20
39 MOA Medchoice Pharma, Inc. 20-Mar-19
40 MOA Mercury Drug Foundation, Inc 11-Aug-21
41 MOA Pascual Laboratories, Inc 21-Jan-19
42 MOA Philippine Children’s Medical Center 1-May-19
43 MOA Providence Hospital, Inc. 3-Jun-19
44 MOA Alphacommerce (Puritans Pride Philippines) 23-Jun-20
45 MOA Tayabas Community Hospital 17-Jun-19
46 MOA Win-San Pharmacy 31-Jul-19
47 MOA YSS Laboratories Co., Inc. 31-Jul-19
48 MOA Asian Hospital and Medical Center 25-Oct-21 MOA-Asian Hospital and Medical Center.pdf
49 MOA East Avenue Medical Center 22-Sep-21 EAST AVENUE MEDICAL CENTER.pdf
50 MOA East Avenue Medical Center 5-Dec-19 East Avenue Medical Center- 2019.pdf
51 MOA Manila Health Department 6-Oct-19 Manila Health Department- 2019.pdf
52 MOA Saint Anthony Medical Center 6-Dec-19 St. Anthony Medical Center.pdf
53 MOA National Children’s Hospital 9-Dec-19 National Children’s Hospital.pdf
54 MOA Manila Health Department 15-Nov-21 Manila Health Department-2021.pdf