NEAT Street Project – Landscaping Activity with NAPWC

NU Manila ComEx makes its mark, teams up with Ninoy Aquino Parks for a Greener Manila 💚🌳🌳🌳💚
The NU ComEx Office, alongside the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center (NAPWC), brought the power of community to the Nationalian Environmental Actions for Tomorrow (NEAT) Street Project! This initiative, supporting the NAPWC’s Sikap Project, empowers academic institutions and communities to join forces in protecting biodiversity.

On January 31st, dedicated NU Manila faculty members, representing colleges from Architecture, Business, and Education, volunteered their time for a landscaping activity within the park. Their hard work and enthusiasm showcase NU’s commitment to environmental action and community engagement.

The NEAT: Street Project offers various opportunities to get hands-on with environmental conservation, including:
>Street cleaning/repainting: beautifying public spaces and raising awareness
>Landscaping activity: enhancing green spaces and promoting biodiversity
>Gardening: cultivating plants and fostering appreciation for nature

Inspired by the experience, our NU volunteers are eager to continue! They envision tree planting, cleanup drives, and more landscaping/gardening initiatives, all promoting environmental advocacy.
Be ready to roll up your sleeves and actively participate.
Remember, it’s a collaborative effort – let’s work together for a greener Manila!
Special thanks to our NUVP volunteers, to NAPWC, and to the NU ComEx for making this event a success!