Alumni Affairs Office and Human Resources Office collaborates for NU Alumni-Employee Gathering

The NU Alumni Affairs Office and NU Human Resources Office conducted an Alumni-Employee Gathering last December 21, 2023, at the Multipurpose Hall of NU Annex Building.

The gathering was attended by more than a hundred alumni-employees from across NU campuses. In attendance are NU’s CEO and President, Dr. Renato Carlos Ermita, Jr.; NU Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Mr. Rolando T. Averilla; Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Office, Ms. Aimee Jane T. Martinez; Director of Alumni Affairs Office, Ms. Ronnet B. Altuna; and the Director of Legacy Office, Dr. Marius Hernani Hernandez.

“Hindi magtatagal and National University ng 123 years kung hindi dahil sa Loyalty and Malasakit”, President Ermita said in his opening remarks. He also discussed NU’s growth and development through NU expansion, aiming for 100,000 students in 2027 and 20 campuses by 2028. Ms. Ronnet Altuna, Director of the Alumni Affairs Office, also gave a short message, sharing that more projects and activities will soon be released. A closing remark was given by Ms. Aimee Jane Martinez. The event was concluded by singing of the National University Hymn.