NU MOA Musical Lenten Recollection together with NU MOA Campus Ministry

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Last March 1, 2024, a significant event unfolded as NU MOA, in partnership with The Lord’s Flock and Singles and Youth Faith on Fire (SYFOF), organized ‘NU MOA Faith on Fire’ – a musical Lenten recollection. This gathering, hosted at the Multipurpose Hall, 12th Floor, NU MOA, emphasized the importance of the Lenten season, especially during Holy Week. People from diverse backgrounds came together to engage in a shared experience of introspection, prayer, and musical inspiration, embracing the transformative influence of faith. Through enchanting melodies, sincere prayers, and thought-provoking reflections, ‘NU MOA Faith on Fire’ promoted unity and solidarity, highlighting the significance of spiritual growth and communal bonds during this sacred period.
A special mention goes to the NU MOA Dance Hive, whose captivating performances added a vibrant dimension to the event, enhancing the spiritual journey for all attendees. Additionally, the dedicated efforts of the NU MOA Campus Ministry, alongside the invaluable support from the Student Development and Activities Office, were instrumental in organizing and ensuring the success of the Lenten Recollection. Their commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for spiritual exploration truly made a profound impact on the entire experience.
As we embarked on this spiritual journey collectively, we kindled the flame of faith within ourselves, fostering optimism and empathy within our hearts and communities. The event exemplified the beauty of collaboration and the mutual quest for enlightenment. As Holy Week unfolds, let us continue to ponder the insights gained and the blessings received, carrying the essence of revival and salvation with us as we move forward.