Dental Hygiene NC IV

The BSDentHyg course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of students in the field of Dental Hygiene in accordance with industry standards. It covers core competencies in performing oral examination, promoting oral health and hygiene, operating a dental radiographic equipment , applying the principle of radiology, biology and protection in dental practice, performing scaling and polishing, maintaining dental records and resources, and providing effective patient’s/clients service.

Length and Nature of the Program

No. Of Years To Finish The Course: 2 Years

Lecture: 73 Units

Laboratory: 13 Units

Clinic: 13 Units

Required for course completion: On-the-job Training.

Graduates Expected Career Paths

Graduates of this course may be any of the following:

  • Community, hospital, or government dental service provider
  • General dental practitioner
  • Academician