Culmination Program of the National Arts Month at NU MOA Showcases Cultural Richness and Artistic Brilliance

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The National Arts Month at the NU MOA reached its pinnacle last February 28, 2024, with an outstanding Culmination Program hosted by the School of Arts and Sciences, Social Sciences Department. This event served as a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering cultural appreciation and artistic excellence among its students and faculty.
The program commenced with a momentous ribbon-cutting ceremony, graced by the presence of Dean Conrado Vidal Jr. of the School of Arts and Sciences and Comm. Arvin Manuel D. Villalon from the Sub-commission on the Arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). The symbolic act marked the official inauguration of an event that promised to celebrate creativity and cultural diversity.
Dr. Conrado Vidal Jr. took the stage for the Opening Remarks, setting the tone for the day filled with artistic fervor and cultural exploration. The program then transitioned into a mesmerizing Intermission number, featuring several Cultural Dance Presentations performed by selected faculty members and students. The NU MOA Dance Hive Kings, led by Mr. Aaron Louis C. Buduan, showcased their talent that captivated the audience.
Following the lively performances, Comm. Arvin Manuel D. Villalon, representing the NCCA, delivered an enlightening lecture. His talk delved into the significance of the arts in Philippine culture, highlighting the role of artists and cultural institutions in preserving and promoting the country’s rich heritage.
As the program neared its conclusion, Professor Dindo R. Aseron, a distinguished faculty member from the Social Sciences Department, delivered the Closing Remarks.
The Culmination Program of the National Arts Month at NU MOA served not only as a showcase of talent but also as a platform for fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the arts. By bringing together students, faculty, and esteemed guests, the event demonstrated the university’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant cultural environment and instilling a sense of pride in the artistic heritage of the Philippines.