Guidance Services Office leads Mental Health Awareness celebration

National University’s Guidance Services Office (GSO) in collaboration with the Human Resources Office (HRO) and Student Affairs Office led the Mental Health Awareness (MHA) celebration last October 21-22, 2019 at the NU main campus.

The two-day event aimed to promote Mental Health and Wellness among students and employees and at the same time exhibit the importance of promoting mental health.

The celebration featured several seminars for NU officials, non-teaching personnel (NTP), faculty members and students. The October 21 AM session which was intended for the NU Officials was meant to help them handle staff or subordinates in need of psychological and emotional support. Meanwhile, the afternoon session was a seminar for faculty and NTP to help them identify red flags in students and how to handle them. Students were also invited to a seminar the next day that featured topics such as Fight Against Bullying and Building Resiliency Through Tough Times.

Aside from that, GSO also organized an exhibit and games at the Activity Area. These included the programs of GSO and HRO, facts and importance of Mental Health in students and employees and a Freedom Wall to express the community’s support while the games were courtesy of the NU Peer Organization.

According to GSO head Ansherina Lhynne Bautista, they want to encourage the NU community to be involved and be heard through these activities.

“[Mental Health Awareness celebration] aims to integrate also the seven core values of NU with the mental health awareness campaign of National U.”

The campaign for MHA is continuous through classroom group sessions, social media, seminars and other various activities by GSO. To personally talk to a Guidance Services Office staff, you may reach them in their office at the 4th floor Jhocson Memorial Building and through their Facebook page, NU Guidance Services Office.