Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. Professional courses are threaded through from the first year thru the fourth year with emphasis on the nursing concepts with corresponding Related Learning Experiences (RLE). The BSN program provides an intensive nursing practicum that will refine further the nursing competencies to ensure achievement of the BSN program outcomes required on an entry level nurse who is able to assume entry level positions in health facilities or community settings. The professional nurse is capable of providing safe, humane, quality and holistic care to individuals in varying age, gender, and health-illness status; healthy or at-risk families; population groups; and community; singly or in collaboration with other health care providers to promote health, prevent illness, restore health, alleviate suffering and provide end of life care.

Graduates Expected Career Path

  • Registered Nurse
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Geriatric Nurse
  • Perioperative Nurse (OR/ Surgery)
  • Maternal & Pediatric Nurse
  • Mental Health Nurse
  • Nurse Administrator
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Entrepreneur
  • Nurse Manager
  • Nurse Researcher
  • Public/ Community Health Nurse