NU Dasmariñas 3rd Founding Anniversary

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May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'N NU DASMARIÑAS 1900 Education that works. NUNTIUM'
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May be an image of 6 people and text
May be an image of 4 people, people studying and text that says 'N NU DASMARIÑAS 1900 Education that . works. സ NUNTIUM'
March 20, 2024 – The third day of Panangdayaw 2024, with the theme: “Galing NU,” kicks off as National University – Dasmariñas commemorate its third year of excellence in education.
The day was initiated by a Thanksgiving mass, conducted by Rev. Fr. Anthony Capirayan and attended by students, alumni, faculty, staff, and distinguished guests, symbolizing gratitude for the accomplishments of the university for the past three years and anticipation for the future ventures ahead.
Following the Thanksgiving mass was the blessing of campus’ facilities joined by aforementioned individuals including officials from different campuses of National University and representatives of partnered organizations.
As the highlight of today’s celebration unveils, attendees gathered at the Function Hall for a luncheon where the NUD Symphony and Koro-Kamara led the opening prayer and singing of the national anthem.
Ms. Catherine D. Lagadia, the Executive Director of NU Dasmariñas, shared her sentiments as she delivered the opening remarks for the event.
“We are three years old, a toddler; makukulit pero mabibilis tumakbo,” Ms. Lagadia said as she emphasized that just like a toddler, NU Dasmariñas is rapidly advancing.
Exactly three years ago, just one year following the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, NU Dasmariñas was founded; this milestone dubbed the university as the ‘Pandemic Campus,’ reflecting its unique establishment during such challenging times.
“We opened our doors to 618 students in August of 2021; and in August of 2022, we are 3,212; and on August 2023, 5,637,” she highlighted, showcasing the university’s remarkable growth and increasing popularity among students.
On the other hand, the CEO and President of National University Philippines, Dr. Renato Carlos H. Ermita Jr., who served as the guest of honor and speaker, expressed his congratulatory message to the 5th established campus of National University—NU Dasmariñas, as it celebrates its third founding anniversary.
“It’s part of the overall effort to make sure that we have accessible, affordable, and quality education that will truly make National University, national,” he added.
On top of that, Dr. Ermita Jr. emphasized that NU’s mission is to prepare its students to become part of a highly educated workforce, enabling them to adapt to the ever-changing and highly competitive environment.
The celebration then continues with a buffet lunch, photo opportunity, and several performances by NUD Symphony, Koro-Kamara, and faculty members.
For closing remarks, the Academic Director of NU Dasmariñas, Sir Ramon L. Rodriguez, expressed his gratitude to all individuals who have joined them to celebrate the university’s third year anniversary.
He summarized the year-round events provided for students, staff, and faculty members for this academic year, aiming to create a wonderful and enriching experience while enhancing and maintaining their excellence.
Moreover, as a testament to the university’s unwavering dedication, Sir Rodriguez proudly bragged about few of their accomplishments, “As of the moment, we are not just excelling but dominating both in academic and sports competitions.”
To cap off today’s celebration, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Bulldogs Exchange headed by Dr. Renato Carlos Ermita Jr.
As the university commemorates its third founding anniversary, it reaffirms its dedication to academic excellence, innovation, and service to the community, living up to its tagline of ‘Education That Works’.