Paskonalian 2023: “Paskong Taglay ang Lakas at Pusong Nasyonalyan” Lights Up Baliwag with Festive Cheer

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Baliwag, December 7, 2023* – The air in Baliwag was charged with excitement as the town celebrated the most awaited Christmas event of the year – Paskonalian 2023. With the theme “Paskong Taglay ang Lakas at Pusong Nasyonalyan,” the event brought together the community for a night filled with joy, laughter, and the spirit of Christmas.
The festivities kicked off with a series of student competitions that showcased the talent and creativity of the youth. The “Himig Nasyonalyan” Christmas caroling competition echoed through the air, filling the venue with harmonious melodies that warmed the hearts of the audience. The “Hataw Nasyonalyan” dance group competition and the electrifying “Battle of the Bands” added a dynamic and energetic vibe to the celebration.
Adding to the excitement was the official release of the NU Baliwag Campus ID, themed “Magniningning, Apat na Libong Ngiti.” The new ID not only serves as a student identification but also represents the bright smiles and positivity that the Christmas season brings.
The night took a magical turn with the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, a symbol of hope and unity. The crowd gathered around the towering tree adorned with colorful lights and decorations, creating a picturesque scene that captured the essence of the holiday season.
As the clock struck midnight, the sky above Baliwag was set ablaze with an eight-minute fireworks display that left the attendees in awe. The bursts of color and light painted the night sky, marking the climax of the celebration and leaving lasting memories for everyone present.
Paskonalian 2023 wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of its sponsors. SM City Baliwag, Notion, Nextgen Cafe, Smart, Sprida Consumer Goods Trading, Hacienda Galea, LizaBliss Catering, RJ Events Management Services, AquaCool, and Fruity Lemon all played pivotal roles in making this event a resounding success.
The entertainment lineup featured outstanding performances from NU Baliwag Tanghal Sining: Center for Performing Arts, the talented band Calein, and the crowd-favorite The Juans. Their performances added a magical touch to the night, spreading joy and festive cheer among the attendees.
With a total of 2,167 attendees, Paskonalian 2023 successfully brought the community together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas – love, unity, and the spirit of giving. As the event concluded, smiles lingered on the faces of the crowd, carrying the warmth and memories of a Christmas celebration like no other. Paskonalian 2023 truly lived up to its theme, proving that the holidays are not just a season but a feeling that unites hearts and strengthens the bonds of the community.