NU Baliwag SBA Student, Mr. Bee Jay Angelo Magtalas, to Represent University in National Trading Competition

NU Baliwag’s School of Business and Accountancy takes great pride in the achievements of its outstanding students, and one such luminary is Mr. Bee Jay Angelo Magtalas. As a top-performing student, he has earned the prestigious opportunity to represent NU Baliwag in the highly esteemed National Trading Competition 2023-2024. Mr. Magtalas, a dedicated and industrious student of the School of Business and Accountancy, has consistently demonstrated academic excellence and a profound understanding of trading strategies. His remarkable performance has not only distinguished him within the university but has also earned him the privilege of being selected to compete on a national stage.
The National Trading Competition, known for its rigorous challenges and high-level competition, provides a platform for students to showcase their financial acumen, analytical skills, and strategic thinking. Mr. Magtalas’ selection as a representative reflects not only his personal achievements but also the caliber of education and mentorship provided by NU Baliwag’s School of Business and Accountancy. The journey to this competition is a testament to Mr. Magtalas’ commitment to continuous learning and his ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. His dedication to the field of business and accountancy exemplifies the values instilled by NU Baliwag, preparing students not only for academic success but also for professional excellence. His participation in the National Trading Competition is not just a personal achievement but a source of inspiration for fellow students and a testament to the university’s commitment to nurturing future business leaders.
We eagerly anticipate Mr. Magtalas’ representation of NU Baliwag in the National Trading Competition, confident that he will exemplify the excellence and determination that define the School of Business and Accountancy. The university stands proudly behind him, wishing him the best of success in this exciting venture.