Ms. Cassandra Antonette D. Maristela: A Beacon of Excellence in Tourism Management and Miss Teen Bulacan 2023

In the radiant tapestry of academia and beauty pageantry, Ms. Cassandra Antonette D. Maristela shines brightly. A distinguished student in the Tourism Management program at NU Baliwag, she has recently achieved a milestone by earning the coveted title of Miss Teen Bulacan 2023.
Ms. Maristela’s journey not only underscores her academic prowess but also reflects a deep commitment to her roots and community. Earning the title of Miss Teen Bulacan 2023 is a testament to Ms. Maristela’s commitment to not only academic excellence but also community pride. As a representative of NU Baliwag, she adorned the sash with pride, carrying the Gold & Blue flag that symbolizes the rich heritage and traditions of her academic institution.
Ms. Maristela’s journey goes beyond personal achievement; it is a celebration of the values instilled in her by NU Baliwag. As Ms. Maristela stood crowned as Miss Teen Bulacan 2023, she became a symbol of inspiration for her community, representing both NU Baliwag and her municipality with grace. Her victory is not just an individual triumph but a collective celebration of the values instilled in her by NU Baliwag, her family, and her community.
Her journey as a distinguished student at NU Baliwag in the Tourism Management program and her recent triumph as Miss Teen Bulacan 2023 epitomize the heights that can be attained through dedication, hard work, and a genuine connection to one’s roots.
As she continues to inspire others, Ms. Maristela stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, community pride, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.
In Gold and In Blue, Congratulations Cassandra Antonette D. Maristela. Your NU Baliwag family is proud if you!