Empowering Collaboration: EDIPHI and NU Baliwag Forge Global Impact and Innovation in Education

In a monumental stride towards global educational excellence, NU Baliwag Partners with EDIPHI, ushering in a new era of collaboration. The signing ceremony, marked by mutual enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, serves as the catalyst for a transformative journey in education. This groundbreaking partnership aims to redefine standards, fostering innovation and global impact.
A Vision Unveiled
The collaboration between NU Baliwag and EDIPHI signifies a shared vision for the future of education. Mr. Rufino Oliva, representing NU Baliwag, expressed his optimism for the partnership, stating, “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional education and global opportunities for our learners.”
Leadership in Action
The signing ceremony witnessed the presence of key figures from NU Baliwag, including Mr. Rufino Oliva, the Executive Director, Mr. Jayson Bermudez, Academic Director and Dean of STHM, and Mr. Mark Chris Lapuz. On the EDIPHI side, Ms. Vanessa Jopillo, the Chief Operating Officer, and Ms. Fe Tatsayanonchai, the Associate Director of Sales and Marketing, were pivotal representatives.
A Global Approach to Education
One of the primary initiatives arising from this partnership is the introduction of an International On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Internship Program for Hospitality Management and Tourism Management. This innovative program aims to provide students with a global perspective, exposing them to diverse cultures and industry practices. It aligns seamlessly with the shared goal of preparing students for the demands of a connected world.
Paving the Way for Excellence
The collaboration between EDIPHI and NU Baliwag is set to raise the bar for educational institutions globally. By leveraging their collective expertise, resources, and networks, both entities are committed to providing unparalleled opportunities for learners, empowering them to excel on the international stage.
Looking Ahead
As we embark on this transformative journey, the collaborative spirit between EDIPHI and NU Baliwag promises to shape the future of education. By fostering innovation, global connectivity, and a commitment to excellence, this partnership aims to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of education.
The signing ceremony is not merely an event but a declaration of intent – an intent to redefine education, empower learners, and create a lasting impact on the global stage. Together, EDIPHI and NU Baliwag are poised to make significant strides towards a brighter and more interconnected future for education worldwide.