NU Laguna Executive Director – Mr. Benjamin F. Uichico


Benjamin F. Uichico is also known as Sir Benjie to the National University community.

For the past 40 years, Sir Benjie’s professional work experience has revolved around administrative and financial management functions in different industries such as education, manufacturing, trading, agribusiness, and banking.

Sir Benjie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Financial Institutions, has a Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as Educational Leadership, and was part of the AIM Executive Education and Lifelong Learning Center Top Management Program.

Through his exemplary work as the Managing Director of NU Laguna and Inspire Sports Academy, NU Laguna’s very own state-of-the art sports facility, he continuously pushes and strives for greatness not only for our Nationalian athletes but for the country’s sports development as a whole.

A little fun fact about Sir Benjie is that he collects old records as a hobby and plays golf as a sport!

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