Grade School and Junior High School

Program of Kinder – Grade 3

The NU-Nazareth School Kinder-Grade 3 program provides initial educational experiences that fosters balance between their cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development through a self-contained teaching set up. The K-3 program’s focus on literacy and holistic learning serves as the foundation for literature-based teaching and curriculum integration. Furthermore, the program focuses on the cultivation of a Nazalian with desirable attitudes and behavior geared towards personal growth in freedom, discipline, and responsibility and the formation of a personal awareness of God’s love and goodness through Catholic and Mother Candida’s teaching.

Grades 4 to 6 Program

The NU-Nazareth School Grades 4 to 6 program provides a holistic education for the overall development of the child. The program aims to develop a student who thinks critically, upholds a strong value-laden personality that advocates peace, understands the importance of meaningful connections with other people, shows confidence in expressing one’s ideas and creativity, and models kindness through St. Candida’s ways and teachings.
The program also allows for students to showcase their skills and talents through the different activities and after-school programs that cultivates and lets them express themselves as individuals. Lastly, the program provides support for the students’ mental and emotional health and wellness.

Junior High School Program

The Junior High School Program provides a holistic education that balances the learners’ cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development in a Christian and rewarding work environment. The program offers an array of learning experiences that develops scientifically and technologically-minded, value-laden and communitarian learners who will apply communication skills in expressing one’s stand on various social and contemporary issues and will show respect for the ideas and opinions of others. The program further allows learners to demonstrate their skills innovatively through various activities that would enable them to appreciate the value of oneself.