NU MOA and OSEI Forge Partnership to Elevate Professional Dentistry Education

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In a key step toward transforming dental education, NU MOA and Oral Specialist Educators, Inc. have partnered to offer specialized and advanced dentistry courses through the NU College of Dentistry. This partnership aims to give students and professionals cutting-edge resources, expert instruction, and hands-on training experiences, thereby establishing a new standard for professional dental education.
The partnership emphasizes industry-relevant training by tailoring courses to meet the current and future needs of the dental profession. Students will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, such as NU MOA’s laboratories and clinics, which provide real-world, practical experience. With access to leading experts actively engaged in research, education, and clinical practice, students are assured of receiving an outstanding education. Additionally, the collaboration promises a global perspective on dental practices and ensures continuing education opportunities for dental professionals, keeping them abreast of the latest advancements in the field. This partnership not only aims to enhance the skill set of dental practitioners but also to address the evolving challenges in oral healthcare on a global scale.
In photos are Mr. Rolando T. Averilla, Vice President for Corporate Affairs, NU Philippines; Dr. Rosauro E. Manuel, Group Academic Officer/Chief Information Officer, NU Philippines; Dr. Renato Carlos H. Ermita, Jr., President/CEO, NU Philippines; Dr. Robert M. Pangan, Chairman of the Board, OSEI; Dr. Vicente Francisco B. Custodio, Jr., President, OSEI; and Dr. Rannier F. Reyes, OSEI Member & Dean, NU College of Dentistry.