College of Architecture Dean Ar. Chona Elvas Ponce

Architect Chona Elvas Ponce, or Dean Chona is the Dean of the College of Architecture at National University. She is a registered architect and Certified BERDE Professional.

She graduated with a B.S. Architecture degree, has a Master’s degree in Architecture major in Community Architecture, and a PhD in Education major in Curriculum Studies.

Ever since she started as dean back in 2013, the NU College of Architecture program has grown from 300 students to its current population of around 1,100 students including its extension in NU Fairview, NU Laguna, and NU Baliwag. It is also under her leadership that National University celebrated a win with Ar. Shaunn Blanco as the 2022 January Architect Licensure Examination topnotcher.

She has been a practicing architect and urban planner for more than 40 years. She has done work with some of the country’s leading architecture, planning, and design firms, as well as worked as a consultant in various government projects through consultancy companies. She presently holds several positions in different organizations.

Many students look up to Dean Chona as a leader, an educator, and a mentor. Through her hard work and passion for Architecture, she is helping future Architects and Nation builders gear up for their success.